BoA, Is That Really You?

Photos from BoA’s debut days are resurfacing and circulating online through various community sites.

What’s catching the attention of netizens is her similar face to the present. There were also screen captures of her active as a SBS “Inkigayo” VJ. She proves that she was once young and fresh like any other girl group members.

She debuted at the tender age of 13 in 2000. She quickly became the talk of the town for debuting at such a young age and carrying a strong voice and powerful dance moves. But it wasn’t until her entrance into the Japanese market in 2001, where she made an impact and landed high on the Oricon Charts. It’s because of this feat that she was crowned “Asia’s Star.”

BoA revealed on a radio show that “My debut song ‘ID: Peace B’ is banned for me. Singing ‘Chu-ka-chu-ka-chu’ is really embarrassing.”

Netizens who came across these pictures have shared “BoA’s already in her 12th year in the industry,” “What would’ve happened if she was placed in a girl group?” “At least there’s someone like BoA representing female singers. She’s an all-kill singer” attracting much attention.

BoA is currently performing the title track of her 7th studio album “Only One” and is holding her own in representing solo female singers with much dignity.