G-Dragon, Tablo, and Dok2 Are On Fire on Twitter

A photograph of idol group Big Bang member and solo artist G-Dragon, Epik High member and solo artist Tablo, and rapper Dok2 has been posted online. 

On September 4, rapper Dok2 posted the photograph of the three on his Twitter account with the following words: “Set us on fire” and “We really are on fire.” 

Netizens who viewed the photograph responded: “The combined effect was done right,” “G-Dragon is dressed cutely,” “Tablo and Dok2 are said to be working together, I can’t wait.’    

Recently, G-Dragon has released the tracklisting for his upcoming mini album “One of a Kind” which is to be released on September 15 online and September 18 in stores.  The mini album features seven tracks including “That XX,” “One of a Kind,” and the to-be-promoted single “Crayon.”