Lim Siwan Becomes Goo Hara’s Man for Solo MV “Secret Love”

ZE:A‘s Lim Siwan played the role of Kara‘s Goo Hara‘s boyfriend for the music video of her Japanese solo title, “Secret Love.” Recently, a Japanese TV program aired a sneak preview of “Secret Love” music video and garnered much attention. 

In the revealed music video, Lim Siwan appears as Goo Hara’s boyfriend. This good looking couple look into each others eyes with love and warmly embrace each other. Especially the scene where Lim Siwan has his arm around Goo Hara’s waist as she is smiling so brightly while looking at him so lovingly caught many viewers eyes. 

Meanwhile, other members of Kara are also releasing solo titles and have paired up with male guest stars in the music videos. Kang Ji Young worked with Supernova‘s Gun Il, Nicole with Lee Jong Seok, and Gyuri coupled up with Jung Suk Wan for their solo music videos, “Wanna Do,” “Lost,” and “Daydream.”