Netizens Criticize T-ara’s Choice to Perform with Little T-ara

It has been reported that T-ara will be making their come back stage on “M!Countdown” along with Little T-ara. However, netizens have been criticizing this decision, which prompted Core Contents Media to clear things up.

When the news of T-ara and Little T-ara performing side by side reached the netizens, they complained that the concept is too sexual for children to perform. Netizens deemed T-ara’s come back track, “Sexy Love” to be inappropriate for young children.

To clear things up, Core Contents Media stated on September 4, “Little T-ara will not be performing ‘Sexy Love’ with T-ara but they are just going to have a little opening performance.”

The agency continued, “Little T-ara’s performance is about 25 seconds long and they will be doing the robot dance.”

Meanwhile, T-ara’s “Sexy Love” music video is currently receiving the spotlight with over 2 million views in just 24 hours.