Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and miss A’s Suzy Tied for #1 Spot on “Girl Group Beauty Hierarchy”

Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and miss A‘s Suzy has tied for the number 1 spot in the “Girl Group Beauty Hierarchy.”

On the episode of Mnet‘s “Wide Entertainment News” that aired on September 3, a beauty hierarchy among girl groups was organized. The candidates included YoonA, Suzy, SISTAR‘s Bora, After School‘s Uee and Wonder GirlsSohee. Five plastic surgeons were asked to rank the five girl group members.

The plastic surgeons first commented on YoonA by saying, “She is not an idol group member but a goddess,” and “She looks like the main character of an anime series.” Another specialist said, “The length of her eye can be divided into 5 and the length of her face into 3 so her proportions are very good. Actually, they are golden proportions.”

Sohee was selected to have the prettiest face line. Specialists commented, “She doesn’t have double eyelids but her eyes, nose and mouth proportions are very good.” For Uee, they said, “She has the baby face that all men like but her cheekbones may fall a little short.”

Bora received praise for her sexy expressions and charismatic looks. For Suzy, they said, “When she smiles, her eyes are like the shape of flying seagulls and it is very cute. Her ears are very pretty too.”

In the end, YoonA and Suzy were tied for the number 1 spot on the “Girl Group Beauty Hierarchy.”