The IU Effect: Gathering $20,000 for Charity in Two Minutes?

The “IU Effect” has currently become a hot topic among netizens.

On September 4, an online community forum post was made titled “The Great IU Gathers 20,000 Dollars in 2 Minutes.”

The post said, “IU recently appeared on the charity TV program, ‘New Life For Children‘ and sang a children’s song called ‘Cumulus Cloud.’ At the start of the song, the donation amount was 280 dollars. But in just a mere moment, the amount rose to the thousands. Eventually, the amount surpassed 20,000 dollars.”

It continued, “At the end of the song, the amount was around 23,000 dollars. It’s not a K-Pop song but a children’s song so it’s probably not even over 2 minutes long. If she said ‘Good Day‘ I bet she would’ve gathered over 100,000 dollars. This isn’t a joke that someone played but it is purely the viewer’s voluntary donation.”

Netizens commented, “This is seriously daebak,” “IU is the best,” “The IU Effect is amazing,” and more.