Son Dam Bi Reunites With High School Friends

Son Dam Bi grabbed a meal with her high school classmates.

On September 4, she posted a picture and included the captions “with my high school friends.”

Son Dam Bi decides to forego the extravagant make up and dress and instead, dons comfortable clothes and a simple necklace. It looks like she’s having a great time with her friends flashing a bright smile for the camera. It’s awesome to see that she’s not afraid to huddle close and even wrap her arms around her classmates. It’s also noticeable that there are glasses of alcoholic beverages on the table and they’re nearly empty.

Netizens are showing great interest in her uploaded photo making comments like “Son Dam Bi’s friends are all beauties,” “Son Dam Bi’s natural face is really superior,” “If only that was my seat…” “Son Dam Bi had a drink?”

What other celebrities do you know are down to earth? Can you find any pictures of stars with their non-celebrity friends?