Fall in Love With the “Nation’s First Love” One More Time on Twitter

On September 4, miss A member Suzy posted the photograph of herself on her Twitter account. 

The youngest member idol girl group miss A, Suzy, does it again and wows the public and fans alike with her pure, innocent beauty, and long black waves. 

Suzy has been dubbed by the media, the “nation’s first love,” for her lively, spritely, beauty. Suzy’s looks seem to remind everyone of their first college crush, a girl who is tall, long-legged, with wavy black hair, a sweet and innocent face, youthful, and cheerful. 

Netizens who viewed the photograph responded: “Suzy is the nation’s first love,” “Suzy is really pure, sexy, and cute,” “Miss Suzy is pretty. I wish I looked like her.” 

This spring, Suzy starred as the college-version of actress Han Ga In’s character opposite Uhm Tae Woong’s character in the romantic comedy “Architecture 101.” Suzy also had a role in this year’s KBS romantic comedy drama “Big” which starred Lee Min Jung, Gong Yoo, and Cross Gene boy group member Shin Won Ho.