“Bridal Mask” Stars Joo Won and Park Ki Woong Bring the Bromance on Twitter

A photograph of KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Bridal Mask” stars Park Ki Woong and Joo Won has been posted online. 

On September 1, actor Park Ki Woong posted the photograph of the two on his Twitter account with the following words: “At first, Joo Won was a hard-working, pretty junior actor, but now, Joo Won has become my best partner and a loved, real younger brother. The last “Bridal Mask.” Lee Kang To and Kimura Shunji. It is also good that everyone can’t wait for our effort together to make the best ending. Park Ki Woong & Moon Joon Won ^^.”

The photograph shows Park Ki Woong and Joo Won posing together making V-signs. 

Park Ki Woong plays the part of Kimura Shunji who is the once-best friend, love rival, and arch-nemesis of Lee Kang To/Bridal Mask. Joo Won plays the part of Lee Kang To, a once zealous Japanese police officer who cared for little else than material wealth and comfort, but came to take up the mantle of the masked crusader Bridal Mask to atone and avenge his brother’s death, his mother’s death, and his father’s death, and later becomes inspired by and an integral part of the Korean independence movement.

KBS drama “Bridal Mask” airs its final episodes this week.