2PM’s Junsu Gifts Baek Ah Yeon With Composed Song

2PM’s Junsu has presented a song he personally wrote to Baek Ah Yeon as a gift.

Baek Ah Yeon landed 3rd in the SBS audition program “KPOP Star.” She is known as the “Top 3” along with Park Ji Min (the winner) and Lee Hayi (front runner), but it’s been notified that she’ll be the first to make her debut.

On September 5, Baek Ah Yeon has released the tracklist from her debut album “I’m Baek.” It’s been noted that Junsu has given her the song “Always” where he personally composed, wrote the lyrics and even lent his voice.

The revealed photo teaser appropriately captures Baek Ah Yeon from the back, facing the spotlight with her keyboard. The lights are shown above her head in such a way to create a halo-like glow. Her white and pink dress beautifully contrasts with the black backdrop.

Her debut album will contain 5 tracks. Well-known artists like 2PM, Miss A, Teen Top and Kim Bum Soo have participated in the production of the album. Famous composer Super Changddai penned the title track “Slow Song” including “You Are Leaving,” “Stay” and “Love, Love, Love.”

Her management agency commented, “She was able to improve and hone in on her skills through her training period at JYP. You’ll be able to witness an upgraded Baek Ah Yeon and look forward to her appealing voice.”