Kang Ho Dong to Make Come Back through “Star King”

People have been missing MC Kang Ho Dong for a year and now it seems like they will finally be getting what they’ve waited for: his come back.

According to certain broadcasting sources, Kang Ho Dong is preparing for a come back through “Star King” in the month of September.

“Star King” has been one of Kang Ho Dong’s signature variety programs as he was the solo main MC since its first episode that aired in January of 2007. It’s safe to say that Kang Ho Dong reached the peak of his career through this program since he showed the nation his exceptional emcee skills. After he announced his temporary retirement last September, Park Mi Sun, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and Boom have replaced him as the MCs.

Kang Ho Dong has signed a contract with SM C&C on August 17, which confirmed his return to television. After this news, many were curious about which program he would chose to make his come back. There were rumors that he would be coming back through a completely new program but he chose “Star King” instead. A particular source stated, “Kang Ho Dong wanted to chose a program where he could communicate with the public. That is why he chose ‘Star King.'”

This is good news for SBS since “Star King” has currently been witnessing low ratings as there is fierce competition with MBC’s “Infinity Challenge” and KBS’ “Immortal Song.”

It is also reported that Leeteuk will be stepping down as the MC when Kang Ho Dong returns, especially since Leeteuk will be enlisting in the army soon. Also, since Kang Ho Dong and Leeteuk are part of the same company now, it is known that they have been closely discussing the switch among themselves.