BoA Wraps Up 7th Album Promotions and Returns as Judge on “K-Pop Star 2”

BoA has officially wrapped up her 7th album promotions.

After her performance on “Show Music Core” on August 1, she has successfully ended her two-month long, 7th album promotions. Her 7th album held a lot of significance since it was her first come back in 2 years since her 2010 “Hurricane Venus” album and since her title track was written and composed by herself.

BoA’s self-composed “Only One” received much attention due to her performances with various popular male idol group members. She was praised for giving strong performances that showed her veteran, 13 years of experience in the K-Pop industry.

BoA is expecting to meet her fans through concerts in the near future. Also, she will be joining the SMTOWN World Tour that kicks off on September 22 in Indonesia.

She is also expected to re-join the judge panel for SBS’ “K-Pop Star” season 2, which will air in October. BoA received praise from viewers for being able to keenly and coldly analyze the contestants but also having her own unique emotional expressions during the first season of “K-Pop Star.”

SM Entertainment spoke with Star News on September 5 and said, “BoA’s official 7th album promotions are over but she will keep showing her face to the public through concerts and ‘K-Pop Star 2.’ Nothing has been confirmed regarding BoA’s next Japanese single. For the time being, she will be focusing on ‘K-Pop Star’ recordings.”