Imposters Spread False Rumors about “Running Man” Filming Locations and Dates

Popular variety TV program “Running Man” is experiencing hardships due to people pretending to be staff members to attract and exploit young people. Some of these imposters were caught scamming the young people by asking them for money if they want to appear on the show. The real staff members are asking for high precaution as this may even lead to the imposters sexually assaulting people.

On September 5, the “Running Man” staff members tweeted, “To those who are spreading false rumors about ‘Running Man’s filming locations in Paju and Gimpo, there will not be any filming of the show on September 6 or September 7. We will be planning to request for an investigation on this matter.”

They continued, “The imposters even carry around fake props. Exactly what are the motives? ‘Running Man’ will never publicly announce our filming locations or dates. Furthermore, we never recruit citizens by asking them to get in our cars.”

Several Internet posts made about this matter stated, “The location was Paju at 1 a.m. on Sunday. A lot of students were deceived. But I could understand why. They were really detailed. Eventually, the police came and saw that there weren’t even any cameras on site.”

“Running Man” cast member Lee Gwang Soo also tweeted, “There is no ‘Running Man’ filming today. I don’t know the reason for these imposters but I hope everyone will watch out. The world is a scary place.”

Since “Running Man” is an outdoor program, there have been many spoilers and false rumors around it. Last August, a few “Running Man” staff imposters have been caught taking female middle school students in their cars. The imposters lied and told the students that the filming was for an idol special and a logo of GD & TOP was taped to their car.