It Doesn't Get Sweeter than Eun Ji Won and Shin So Yool's Kiss Scene in

Viewers knew that Do Hak Chan, played by former Sechs Kies idol Eun Ji Won, and Mo Yoo Jung, played by actress Shin So Yool, would end up together in the tvN drama “Answer Me 1997.”   

Viewers just didn’t know how they would make their way back together.  In episode 12, Mo Yoo Jung was suspicious that he had lost interest in her and wanted to know what was going on.  Do Hak Chan in a moment of frustration told her that he had been planning an event for her to tell her that he would be studying abroad in Hawaii, but that he really liked her and was going to ask her to wait for him for one year.  He would find some way to return after one year.  Mo Yoo Jung was not only devastated at the news but even more hurt at the fact that he told all his friends and acquaintances, but that she, his girlfriend, was the last to know.    

In episodes 13 and 14, the two finally get to meet again after six years apart on a sad day for Yoo Jung, and Hak Chan is able to give her a shoulder to cry on.  The two go hiking one day and end up holding hands, when suddenly, Hak Chan asks her if she had wanted to see him, and that he had really wanted to see her.  He tells her he loves her.  Yoo Jung knows it but she wants to hear it again, and then pulls him in for a sweet kiss that left viewers sighing with satisfaction to see the on-again off-again lovebirds get back together for good. 

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Excerpted transcript of dialogue from 0:44

Hak Chan: Didn’t you want to see me?

Hak Chan lets go of her hand and turns to look at her.  Yu Jung looks at him a little surprised. 

Hak Chan: I really wanted to see you.  I really wanted to see you.  I’m sorry I’m late.  I’m stupid so it was hard to graduate.  If I wanted to come back in a cool way, I needed a diploma.  Trying to get that… From now on, I’m not going any where, I’m going to stay by your side, whether that be selling boonguh bbang (bread filled with sweet red beans) together.  I love you.

Yu Jung: Say it again.

Hak Chan: [looking away, mumbles] I love you.

Yu Jung: [soft laugh] Looking at me! 

Hak Chan: [looks in Yu Jung’s eyes] I love you. 

Yu Jung smiles, grabs his jacket zipper, tugs him toward her, and kisses Hak Chan.     

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