Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Gook Get Hot and Heavy in

Viewers have waited for a sign, any sign, that Sung Si Won, played by A-Pink member Jung Eun Ji, and Yoon Yoon Jae, played by MNET “Superstar K” winner and actor Seo In Gook, would get together in the tvN drama “Answer Me 1997.”  

Viewers were left in tears at Yoon Yoon Jae’s confession of his feelings to Sung Si Won in episode 12.  In episode 12, the high school friends gather at a noraebang for Sung Si Won’s birthday party which doubles as their last good-bye before heading out onto their separate paths.  Yoon Jae then confesses his feelings for her and tells her that, since the first day of high school when he realized he liked her, he has been giving her hints that he liked her and he wanted her to like him back.  Si Won asks if they can’t remain friends.  But, Yoon Jae tells her that when a guy tells a girl he likes who doesn’t like him back, everything that is in his heart, it means he never wants to see her again. 

In episodes 13 and 14, after six years had passed since their painful good-bye in high school, the two meet serendipitously at a café.  She’s picking up drinks as the youngest staff writer.  He’s a promising young judge picking up his own drink.  The two start to spend time together again.  Eventually, when the two are alone, Si Won asks if he still likes her.  Yoon Jae asks unthinkingly if she is asking because she liked him.  Si Won tells him, yes, that she likes him.  Yoon Jae was not able to respond.  

Fast forward a few scenes and, finally, viewers were given what they hoped for and saw Si Won and Yoon Jae get together with a kiss that left Si Won grinning with glee and Yoon Jae looking faintly surprised at himself.  As well he should be, it only took him all of high school plus another six years, and, even then, it took Sung Si Won confessing her feelings and then threatening to just kiss him herself, for him to kiss the only girl he ever loved.   

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Excerpted transcript of dialogue from 0:58. 

Yoon Jae: My brother [Tae Woong] still likes you.  You know that, right?  He is waiting for you now.  He is waiting until you come back to him.  My brother.   

Si Won: I know.  But…what about you?  Forget about your brother.  What about you?  Even though I am sorry to your brother, I’m not even concerned about that.  To me, Tae Woong is my closest person.  As much as you are close to me.  But…to me, the person who I am concerned about the most in this world, you are the only person.  What about you?  I don’t need any other explanations.  Just…do you still like me?       

Yoon Jae: [silence]

Si Won: [coughs] Ya!  If you don’t answer me in 3 seconds, this time, I am going to kiss you!  You know what I am capable of, right?   

Yoon Jae: [silence]

Si Won: One…

Yoon Jae: [silence]

Si Won: Two…

Yoon Jae: [kisses Si Won]

Yoon Jae looks surprised at himself.  Si Won grins and hands back an envelope to Yoon Jae. 

Si Won: Here.  30 minutes.  You take it.  I’m all better now.   

Yoon Jae with a hint of a smile leans towards Si Won again.  Passionate kissing ensues and the camera pans to the two holding hands. 

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