Who Wore It Better: Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany or Miss A’s Suzy?

It’s the battle of the bands! Er- girls! From representative girl groups. And who are they? None other than sweethearts Tiffany (representing Girls’ Generation) and Suzy (representing Miss A).

On September 6, a picture of Tiffany and Suzy wearing the same dress has been making rounds on community sites.

Tiffany wore her outfit on MBC’s “Music Core” while Suzy wore hers during KBS’s “Invincible Youth 2.” It is a sailor-inspired dress with thin red and white stripes on a solid black canvas. The simplified letters “LUCKY” are added in the front to spice up the outfit. Tiffany decides to wear her straightened hair down while Suzy pulls her hair up- both giving off different shades of innocence.

Netizens who viewed the pictures commented “It’s the same clothes, but the two girls bring different charms,” “It’s a waste that Suzy’s clothes are big, but her face is still pretty,” “They are both cute,” showing the great responses from the public.

And now it’s your turn. Who do you think wore the dress better? Is the dress really awkward on Suzy?