Little-Tara Performs No Longer

T-Ara has finished recording their Mnet “M! Countdown” comeback today, September 6.

It was originally planned that “little T-Ara” will have a 35 second robot dance performance at the beginning of T-Ara’s comeback performance of “Sexy Love.”

However, it’s been falsely reported on the internet that little-Tara will dance with T-Ara through the whole performance. Therefore, it’s been revealed that the “little T-Ara 35 second robot dance opening” has been taken out. (author’s note: I don’t understand the logic. Do you?)

T-Ara will perform “Sexy Love” and will also sing a ballad track from their album “Day and Night.”

T-Ara’s newest single “Sexy Love” is written by none other than Choi Kyu Sung and Sinsadong Tiger. Both are known for penning T-Ara’s previous hits “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” “Roly-Poly,” and “Lovey-Dovey.” “Day and Night” is the lovechild of composer Jo Young Su and Ahn Young Min.

On September 6, T-Ara’s comeback performance will be broadcasted through “M! Countdown” at 6pm. Watch the performance and share with us your opinions! Did you want to see the little T-Ara’s performing robot dances?