“You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly” Actress Oh Yeon Seo Commemorates Last Filming With Selca on Me2Day

A photograph of actress Oh Yeon Seo who is acting in the KBS weekend drama “You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly” has been posted online.

On August 30, actress Oh Yeon Seo posted the photograph on her Me2Day account with the following words: “It’s already the last filming. Time flies too quickly. “You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly” 50 perecent! The unavoidable path of the typhoon…please be careful of rain, wind.”

The KBS drama “You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly” has captivated the nation with its storyline about the meaning of family and navigating in-law relationships and reached collective ratings of up to 50%. 

Actress Kim Nam Joo plays the character Cha Yoon Hee who is the wife of actor Yoon Joon Sang’s character Bang Gwi Nam (who was lost as a child and eventually adopted by Korean-American parents). Cha Yoon Hee congratulated herself on finding such a wonderful husband, with the additional bonus of no Korean in-laws to deal with. Until one day, Cha Yoon Hee and Bang Gwi Nam move into a residential complex and discover through an interesting turn of fate (or stupid-genius uncle played by actor Kim Sang Ho) that Bang Gwi Nam’s biological parents live across the hall and had been searching for him all these years.

Oh Yeon Seo plays Bang Mal Sook who is Bang Gwi Nam’s biological youngest sister of three. She is spoiled and pretty, and annoys Cha Yoon Hee through petty pranks and pulling of Korean sister-in-law rights. She also ends up falling head over heels for Cha Yoon Hee’s youngest brother Cha Se Kwang played by CNBLUE member Kang Min Hyuk, but, unfortunately, comes to see the error of her ways too late. 

Oh Yeon Seo was also recently confirmed as MBLAQ member Lee Joon‘s partner in MBC show “We Got Married (Season 4).”