Jay Park Finds New Family With “Come To Play” Casts

Lee Na Young took a photo with Jay Park to celebrate him becoming the newest addition to “Come To Play.”

On September 6, Lee Na Young uploaded the photo on her twitter with the caption “Cutie-pie Jay has become a family member of ‘Come To Play.’ Now, my walks to the recording will be less heavy” showing her excitement for the latest news.

Both Kim Na Young and Jay Park looked sweet posing with the default V gesture in front of the camera. Jay and his skin just radiates through the picture and Kim Na Young tries to protect her eyes from being too close.

Netizens who came across the picture replied, “So Jay Park is coming out on ‘Come To Play,’” “His skin is really baby soft,” “It’s not long before ‘Come To Play’ will make a comeback,” “I’m looking forward to watching ‘Come To Play’ with Jay Park,” “I’m definitely will watch ‘Come To Play’ from now on” drawing much interest from the public.

It’s been revealed that Jay Park will make his first appearance as a fixed guest on September 10. He will be part of the “Truman Show” corner.