[Exclusive] Blush Releases New Music Video for “Miss Out”

Blush is back! Now releasing a new music video for their song “Miss Out,” this best-selling pan-Asian girl group consists of Jihae from South Korea, Alisha from India, Natsuko from Japan, Victoria from China, and Angeli from the Philippines. Also known as the “Asian Spice Girls,” Blush is produced by Elliot Kennedy known for his work with famous pop artists such as the Spice GirlsRobbie WilliamsGary Barlow, and Celine Dion. The five girls debuted last year with their first hit single “Undivided” featuring Snoop Dogg. They have also topped the Billboard Dance Chart with their second single “Dance On.” Both singles appeared in the Billboard charts and we expect no less from their third single! Check out their music video for the catchy, upbeat “Miss Out” below! Also stay tuned to Soompi, because Blush answered some questions especially for Soompiers, which we’ll post today!