“Nice Guy” Song Joong Ki Becomes “Autumn Guy” for 1st Look

Actor Song Joong Ki comes back as an outstanding young “Autumn guy” for a fashion shoot.

His dazzling and clean-cut photos will be part of 1st Look’s September spread. He dons classic suits fitted for the cooler season with variations of knits, padded elbows and other stylish items.

An interview is included with the photo spread. He reveals that it’s already been 5 years since his debut. One of his most memorable moments was filming for “A Frozen Flower” with senior Jo In Sung. An important advice he received was that he should remember all the crew members’ names.

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His movie “A Werewolf Boy” will come out in theaters in October and his KBS’s Wed/Thurs drama “Nice Guy” will air September 12, this coming Wednesday.