Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Goes To School

Girls’ Generation Yoona has been spotted at Dongguk University campus!

On September 5, several pictures of her were uploaded on community sites and the pictures have been quickly circulating.

She is currently enrolled in the drama department at Dongguk University and entered in the year 2009. As she’s currently very busy participating in jam-packed schedules as Girls’ Generation, it’s great to see that she’s able to find time to attend her classes during her spare time.

It’s worthy to note that she had to attend an event “Fresh Look Illuminate” at Banyan Tree C the same morning she was spotted on campus. She has the same hair and make-up as well as clothes from the event. She was spotted freely interacting with other students at lunch proving that her beauty isn’t because of photoshop or the likes.

Many netizens gave their input exclaiming, “She’s really a goddess!” “Looks like she went to school immediately after she attended a scheduled event,” “I’m jealous of all the students who got to see Yoona n person,” “A doll-like face with the best proportions,” “So she tries her best attending school.”

What would you do if you saw Yoona at your school?