Kim Tae Hee Wears Short Shorts for CF

Actress Kim Tae Hee showed off her voluptuous body line wearing short shorts.

Toyota Korea released behind-the-scenes footage of their latest advertisement for “New Camry.” Kim Tae Hee is seen looking sexy, a concept which didn’t come so naturally before.

Her hair is all swept back in a high pony tail and is dressed in high-waist super shorts and top. The unified black color and form-fitting nature of the outfit gives off a bond girl in action. Kim Tae Hee’s small face with long arms and legs are her strengths and she takes it up a notch with her seductive poses and mesmerizing eyes.

Netizens who saw the footage commented, “I didn’t know Kim Tae Hee’s body was this good,” “She’s really pretty,” “Her body proportions are daebak,” “There’s no place to criticize on her body,” “I will probably faint if I saw her in person.”

This is her 4th advertisement with Toyota Korea and it will cover fuel efficiency, options, global and airbag. The commercial will soon make its way onto every local television set.

So, Soompiers! What do you think? Is she really sexy now? Was she never sexy before?