Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Pokes YoonA’s Butt with a Taegeukki Onstage

Girls Generation’s Jessica is the latest celebrity to draw attention with her “naughty hands.” Recently, a short video titled “Jessica’s Naughty Hands” was posted on several online communities, piquing netizens’ interest. The video was taken at the “14th Korea-China Music Festival” at the Yeosu Expo Digital Gallery last month and captures Girls’ Generation on stage. 

As shown in the screenshots, Jessica is seen holding the Taegeukki (Korean national flag) as she mischievously looks at YoonA before poking YoonA’s buttocks with the pole. YoonA turns back surprised, and Jessica grins back wide-eyed. 

Netizens who saw the video commented, “Haha so funny,” “Jessica is so cute,” “Awww, they’re adorable,” “Thank you for sharing such a funny video,” and more. 

In related news, Jessica recently recorded the main theme song for KBS’s upcoming blockbuster drama “The Great King’s Dream.”