10 Most Outrageous Celebrity Quotes from Summer 2012

This summer was by far one of the hottest in recent years, and we’re glad it’s almost coming to an end. But before we bid farewell to the scorching heat, we’d like to look back at some of the most memorable celebrity quotes that made us laugh, smile, cringe, and cry!

We narrowed it down to 10 of the most ridiculous/outrageous/funny celebrity comments from this summer. Please flip through the list and let us know which one was your favorite!

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“Nana unni has the cleanest armpits, so she’s our main armpit.” – After School’s Lizzy shows her love for Nana’s…armpits! It was her playful response to Yoo Sae Yoon, who jokingly said, “You girls shouldn’t sweat as much now since you use a lot of deodorant.” (After School recently starred in a Japanese deodorant commercial).

“No one really started it. We just all started going papapapak~farting.” – f(x)’s Victoria said when asked which f(x) member first farted in front of the members. Luna added, “We became closer by openly farting in front of each other.”

“In China, I also eat chicken brain. It tastes like tofu. I enjoy fish’s eye too. Oh, and I also eat pig skin, raw beef liver, and beef tongue.” – f(x)’s Victoria shared her love for exotic food on MBC “Golden Fishery – Radio Star.” She surprised everyone by revealing she enjoys eating pig intestines, fermented skate (thornback rays), steamed silkworms, and chicken feet.


“It was stressful pretending to be sexy when I’m not. I asked Uee unnie how I could be more sexy and she told me to think raunchy thoughts. So, I started watching a lot of adult videos.” – After School’s Lizzy confessed she used to watch a lot of adult movies to study sexy expressions on stage. Uee explained, however, she meant for her to watch Beyonce’s videos or others where artists make sexy expressions.


“I do, I do have a boyfriend!” – miss A’s Suzy revealed her boyfriend for the first time on KBS “Invincible Youth 2.” But it turned out to be a picture of Ian Somerhalder from the popular TV show “Vampire Diary.”


“There’s a scene where I touch Sulli’s breasts in the first episode. It was a really embarrassing and uncomfortable experience.” – Lee Hyun Woo shares how the breast-touching scene on “To the Beautiful You” went with f(x)’s Sulli!

“We also hear that people think Junhyung’s eyes look dead.” – BEAST reveals people think Yong Jun Hyung has unwilling eyes! 

“The voice is so much more important than good looks. You know what my boyfriend looks like.” – Lee Hyori disses her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon’s looks on TV!

“Today’s lesson. from. Professor Snoop. Biscuits – ugly faces. My ladiez @GirlsGeneration. got beautiful faces. Legs n. thighs. No biscuits #ONELOVE & #REINCARNATED.” – Snoop Dogg tweeted this message in response to the millions of hateful comments he received from SONEs, following his previous tweet that called Girls’ Generation as having “Legs n thighs, no biscuits.”

“I didn’t. They are natural. Touch them!” – “Banana Girl” Kwak Hyun Hwa denies breast enlargement surgery rumors in an interview with Maxim.

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