“Bridal Mask” Park Ki Woong Plays Camera Man

Several BTS photos of Park Ki Woong playing with the Jimmy Jib camera at the filming set of “Bridal Mask” was revealed. In these revealed photos, Park Ki Woong is dressed as his character Shunji with full makeup of bruises and scratches on, and yet looking carefree and playful as he is sitting behind the camera. 

Park Ki Woong has always been “the energizer” on filming sets of “Bridal Mask,” with his big smile and cute playfulness that lets other people laugh and relax. A crew member commented, “Park Ki Woong is so friendly with everyone including his co-stars and the staff. Even in the midst of a continuous, exhausting filming, he never shows any sign of exhaustion and takes care of other staff members first.” 

Meanwhile, “Bridal Mask” has been steadily attracting viewers and fans with a thoroughly-written scenario and exceptional acting of its cast members for the past three months. The show ends today, September 6, with its 28th episode.