f(x) Victoria’s First Drama “When Love Walked In” is First in Ratings

F(x) member Victoria was cast in her first leading role in a Taiwanese weekend drama entitled, “When Love Walked In,” and the drama has reached the number one spot in viewer ratings. 

According to the Chinese ratings research company CSM, the Taiwanese drama “When Love Walked In” broadcasted episodes on September 3 had the highest percentage of viewers in its category of weekend evening dramas during the evening time slot of 7:30-9 p.m.

Taiwanese weekend drama “When Love Walked In” has been airing on Anhui satellite TV and Dongfeng satellite TV, and also through Samsung satellite TV, since August 27. The drama features Victoria in a Cinderella role.

In the Taiwanese drama “When Love Walked In,” Qing Yu Jian, played by Taiwanese actor and Fahrenheit idol group member Calvin Chen, must find a long-lost granddaughter named Shen Ya Yin, played by Victoria, and eventually falls in love with her. Shen Ya Yin’s father cut off contact with her grandfather, and she and her father ended up moving often throughout her childhood to avoid being found by him.  Super Junior-M member Zhou Mi also makes up the third love interest in their love triangle.

Victoria was studying at the Beijing Dance Academy, before she was scouted by an SM talent agent at a Beijing dance competition for SM Entertainment and later selected to join idol group f(x).