Japan’s Celebrities Fall For Wonbin

Korea’s representative and resident handsome hunk, Wonbin is melting the hearts of Japanese celebrities.

There’s recently a few pictures circulating around a forum titled “The reactions of Japanese celebrities watching Wonbin.”

The revealed pictures were screen shots from a Japanese TV program, where news about Wonbin was being covered. The TV screen is able to show the viewers the main footage and the lower right hand corner zooms in on the celebrities watching the same footage. They’ve managed to lose their composure whenever Wonbin was on screen. The screen shot is from a well known scene from his popular movie, “Ahjussi,” where he shaves his head shirtless.

Some of the hot responses included, “Wonbin’s handsome face is universally acknowledged,” “I’m more bewitched by Wonbin than the celebrities in the screen shots,” “Their facial expressions are daebak. Are they comedians?”

I’m guessing the female celebrity at the bottom is in shock because of his handsomeness, but what do you Soompiers think? Did she just see a ghost?