What Song Beats Psy’s, G-Dragon’s and KARA’s on Billboard’s KPOP Chart This Week?

Despite recent releases from G-Dragon and Kara and also the explosive worldwide popularity of PSY‘s “Gangnam Style,” none of these artists topped Billboard’s KPOP Chart this week. Instead, singers Seo In Gook and A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji‘s duet song “All For You” is currently placed first on the chart.

The song “All For You” was released on August 28 and it is part of the soundtrack for “Answer Me 1997.” It is also currently ranked first on the “Korea KPOP Hot 100” Chart. The song was able to achieve a high ranking from its popularity in downloads with over 400,000 hits.

“All For You” is a remake from Cool, a mixed-group known in the 90s, and it’s their best known song.

Psy’s mega viral hit “Gangnam Style” was placed first on the chart for the last five weeks and has finally stepped down to second place. third place is a duet song “I Need You” by Huh Gak and Zia, KARA’s “Pandora” is fourth and G-Dragon’s “That XX” grabs fifth.

Soompiers, did you take a listen yet? Is it really better than “Gangnam Style” or any of the other popular songs out today?