Lee Hyori Self Reflects: “I Shouldn’t Buy Clothes Again”

Lee Hyori has reflected on herself and is sharing it with her fans.

On September 7, Hyori wrote on her twitter, “Even if I keep keep keep holding a bazaar, there are still clothes. Just how much did I buy? I should vow that I will never buy clothes again. I was about to go to the bazaar, but Han Hye Youn unni is trying on my clothes now.”

Lee Hyori has donated about 300 items from her own collection. Even after giving away this much, she revealed that she’s reflecting with the words “Just how much did I buy?” Hyori has appeared on SBS “Healing Camp” this past April in the segment “Am I not really happy.” She’s quoted from the show, “Everything from what I wear, eat, watch, say, house, car, everything has been changed since 2 years ago.”

Netizens who saw her post made various comments, “Unni, til when are you going to hold bazaars?” “Wow, to think that she still has clothes after giving away 300 pieces of clothing,” “It’s great to see Lee Hyori leading good causes. I like it.”

Soompiers, what are your thoughts on Lee Hyori’s change in lifestyle?