Orange Caramel Release Another Comeback Teaser for First Full-length Album “Lipstick”

After School subunit Orange Caramel, made up of members Nana, Lizzy, and Rain, have a released another comeback teaser image and special comeback teaser video. 

On September 7, Orange Caramel released the teaser image through their Google+ account, Facebook page, and SNS accounts. On September 4, Orange Caramel released their first comeback teaser images with the girls posing as dreamily sultry singers. Their comeback album entitled “Lipstick’ will be their first full-length album and released on September 12.

In the comeback teaser image and special comeback teaser video the girls are dressed completely in orange and hold ping pong paddles.

According to After School and Orange Caramel’s entertainment company Pledis Entertainment, on September 7, a special video would be released as part of promotions for their comeback. 

Watch the video on Soompi!