Kara’s Gyuri: “I Wear High Heels to Meet Fans’ Expectations”

On the most recently aired episode of “One Night of TV Entertainment,” Kara made an appearance and members got to ask each other questions. During this Q&A session, Seungyeon asked Gyuri, “You’re always wearing high heels no matter what you are doing. Even during breaks, you always insist on wearing them. For example, even your slippers are high-heeled, why is that?”

Gyuri confirmed that she does wear high heels almost all the time and explained why. She said, “Yes, the slippers are custom-made. Seungyeon looks petite and she really is petite for real. That’s okay. But in my case, people think I’m much taller than my actual height. If one looks only at my waist and up, I look as if I’m 170cm tall. To meet this expectation, I have to wear heels all the time.” Gyuri is about 162cm in height and is one of the shortest members of Kara. 

Netizens and fans commented on Gyuri’s obsession with heels, “I thought she was taller than that,” “I really thought she was about 170cm,” and “I know what that’s like because I’m short, but look tall.”