Jung Il Woo Enjoys the Outdoors for New Endorsement

Jung Il Woo is a charming mountain climber for his new endorsement. The actor, who models for the fall-winter campaign of sporting apparel brand Fila, showed off a more manly appeal in the latest photos released. The photos were from the shooting of his commercials for Fila.

In the photos, Jung Il Woo is shown in outdoor activities such as trekking in a forest and climbing a mountain. It is a slight departure on the actor’s usual image of a young city man and a “flower boy.” Fans and observers note, however, that his sense of style has not changed. His tall frame also made him an ideal model.

A representative for the Fila brand is quoted as saying, “Jung Il Woo possesses a great body and he seems to understand a sense of fashion, which makes him a perfect choice for our brand.” Jung Il Woo’s Fila spots are expected to air soon.