New Albums And Singles Preview – 2012 September Week 2

FT Island Vol. 4 – Five Treasure Box (Sept. 10)

01 I Wish
02 Your Words
03 Stay With Me
04 U (All I Want Is You)
05 Let Go…
06 Paper Plane
07 Wanna Go
08 Life
09 Compass
10 Let It Go!

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FT Island makes a comeback with their fourth full-length album titled, “Five Treasure Box.” It includes title track, “I Wish” along with four new tracks and five Korean versions of their Japanese songs. Two songs worth mentioning are “Stay With Me,” which Lee Hongki took part in writing the lyrics to and “U” which was composed by leader, Choi Jong Hun.

T-Ara mini-album Vol. 6 – Mirage (Sept. 10)

01 Sexy Love
02 Love All
03 Day By Day
04 Holiday
05 Don’t Leave
06 Hue
07 Love Game

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After “Day By Day,” T-ara makes a 180 degree transformation with “Sexy Love.” It is an addictive synth sound club dance track composed by Sinsadong Tiger. It is expected to capture listeners’ ears. Also included in the album are six songs from their “Day By Day” album.

Secret mini-album Vol. 3 – Poison (Sept. 13)

01 Telepathy
02 Poison
03 Falling in Love
04 Calling U
05 1, 2, 3

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Secret makes a comeback after a year with their third mini-album, “Poison.” The title track is “Poison,” a song of the hip-hop genre. As the song title suggests, it is about a person realizing that falling deeper and deeper in love is poisonous  and yet being unable to swim out of it. The song was created by Kang Ji Won and Kim Kim Bum, who are responsible for the group’s other hits such as “Magic” and “Shy Boy.” It is said that Lu Diaz who has worked with Pitbull and DJ Khaled was responsible for the sound mixing portion of the song.

Orange Caramel Vol. 1 – Lipstick (Sept. 13)

01 Bubble Bath
02 Milkshake
03 Lipstick
04 A-ing
05 Magic Girl
06 Yet…
07 Superwoman
08 One Love
09 Shanghai Romance
10 Clara’s Dream
11 Close Eyes
12 Can’t Push Love?
13 Bankok City (2012 New Recording)

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Orange Caramel finally releases their first full-length album titled, “Lipstick.” Top composers such as Daishi Dance and east4a among others took part in this album, making it all the more anticipated. The title track this time around is “Lipstick,” an addictive upbeat number. Saxaphone and synth sounds are key elements to this song. This cheerful song is about playing innocent after leaving a lipstick mark on a boy a girl meets for the first time.

BTOB – Press Play (Sept. 13)

01 Press Play (feat. G.Na)
02 Wow
03 Only Know Love
04 U & I
05 Stand Up
06 My Girl

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Rookie group, BTOB returns with their second mini-album, “Press Play.” The title track is “Wow,” a 90’s retro number of the New Jack Swing genre. Also included in the album is intro number, “Press Play” featuring fellow Cube Entertainment artist, G.Na. It is said that the singer also took part in penning the lyrics and coming up with the concept of the song.

Baek Ah Yeon Vol. 1 – I’m Baek (Sept. 10)

01 Slow Song
02 Stay
03 Love, Love, Love
04 Always (feat. Jun.K)
05 You’re Leaving

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K-Pop Star’s Baek Ah Yeon releases her first album, “I’m Baek.”  The title track is “Slow Song,” a ballad number composed and penned by Super Changdda of JYP Entertainment with the help of JYP who also took parting in writing the lyrics. With the help of distortion and power snares in the song, Baek’s powerful vocals are livened. Also included in the album is “Always” which features 2PM’s very own Jun.K.

G-Dragon (single) – That XX (released)

01 That XX

G-Dragon releases a new single, “That XX” in midst of his upcoming mini-album. Unlike his other songs, it is an acoustic guitar number about a guy who hates the fact that his crush is getting cheated on by her boyfriend.

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