Orange Caramel Reveals Additional Individual Teaser Images for “Lipstick”

After releasing the “alluring” teaser images of Orange Caramel and the MV teaser for their upcoming comeback single “Lipstick,” Pledis just unveiled additional teaser images of the members. The pictures reveal a complete transformation contrasting with the previously released chic and elegant teasers.

The members of Orange Caramel are seen wearing flashy and funky outfits, colourful make up, rocking the rock ‘n’ pop fashion style. Orange Caramel is known for their catchy tunes and girly concepts. The “Candy Culture” trio will start their promotional activities next week.

Meanwhile, “Lipstick” is set for release on September 12. Orange Caramel will be having their comeback stage on September 14 on KBS Music Bank.

Check out Raina, Nana and Lizzy‘s teaser images below.