G.Na Takes Pic With a Handsome Idol

G.Na and 2PM’s Jang Woo Young took pictures in Jeju Island.

On September 8, G.Na wrote on her twitter, “The weather is Jeju Island is nice! It’s warm. Taking a pic with Woo Young after a long time! There aren’t that many of us SOLO singers today! Haha. Let’s have a ‘hwaiting’ performance today! Ask for a lot of cheers and love.”

She included several pictures with the 2PM star. The two look great together looking hip and with radiant smiles. The filtering hides a bit of G.Na’s face, but gives off a warm vibe.

Their closeness is having some netizens talking. “They look good together,” “They look like lovers,” “They gave proof that they’re friends,” while others commented, “I look forward to the Jeju concert!” “How’s the weather over there?”

Soompiers, should there be more solo singers? If so, which of the contestants from the various music audition shows should come out as a solo singer?