Baek Chung Gang From “Star Audition” Diagnosed With Cancer And Receives Surgery

Baek Chung Gang, the winner of “Star Audition” Season 1, has been diagnosed with rectal cancer.

Baek Chung Gang revealed that he felt strange symptoms since a couple months ago and after visiting a few hospitals for further testing, he was able to receive surgery.

A representative from his company stated, “On August 31, he has received surgery and have successfully removed the cancer cells. He is currently recovering. Full recovery looks really good and starting up activities shouldn’t be a problem after his health is back to the norm.”

The representative further added, “The shortest recovery time will take 6 months and the longest looks to be around a year. He doesn’t have to undergo more surgeries nor be treated with medication.”

It’s sad to hear that he had to go through such an ordeal, but it’s great to know that he is able to fully recover. Soompiers, do you have an encouraging message you’d like to send to Baek Chung Gang?