2PM member Taecyeon’s Eyes Fill With Tears of Joy in Rome on Twitter

2PM member Taecyeon is visiting the lovely and historical Rome.

On September 7, 2PM member Taecyeon posted a photograph of himself in front of Circus Maximus, where ancient chariot races used to be held but which is now a public park, in Rome, on his Twitter account with the words: “This place used to be an old chariot race stadium, Circus Maximus.”

On September 8, 2PM member Taecyeon posted photograph of himself in Rome, in what appears to be Piazza Navona on his Twitter account with the words: “These are happy tears, right? I’m still in Rome.” 

Viewers who saw the photographs responded: “I’m filled with envy,” “Taecyeon, you match Rome,” “When do you come back to Korea?” “Taecyeon, you look good with your all-back like that.”