Baek Ah Yeon Looks like a College Student with miss A’s Suzy

miss A’s Suzy shared a casual selca photo with Baek Ah Yeon, the finalist from SBS “K-Pop Star,” who is soon expected to make her official debut.

On September 9, Suzy wrote on her Twitter, “Ah Yeon unni with beautiful vocals, who’s soon making her debut…with BAEK.” In the shared photo, Suzy is making a cute “V” sign alongside Baek Ah Yeon, wearing casual clothing. With very little make up, they look like regular college students, a far cry from their usual heavy makeup, on-stage appearance.

Netizens commented, “Baek Ah Yeon already looks like a real celebrity,” “Suzy, you so hot,” and “JYP, give us an Ah Yeon-Suzy duet track!”

Baek Ah Yeon, after placing 3rd place on SBS “K-Pop Star,” signed with JYP Entertainment. On September 10, she unveiled her debut album, “I’m Baek,” becoming the first “K-Pop Star” contestant to release an official album.