Fashion magazine “1st Look” released behind the scenes photographs of KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Nice Guy” star Song Joong Ki‘s  fall photo shoot in which the actor transforms from a “nice guy” to a “fall guy.”  

Song Joong Ki is currently acting in KBS drama “Nice Guy” with actresses Park Shi Yeon and Moon Chae Won.  Song Joong Ki plays the part of Kang Maru who was a once promising medical student happily in love with his first love Han Jae Hee played by  Park Shi Yeon.  But, Han Jae Hee comes from a difficult family situation and when she meets a rich CEO who can provide her a life of material comfort, she decides to choose money over love, and leaves Kang Maru.  The bitter Kang Maru then drops out of medical school and becomes a bartender.  He eventually meets Seo Eun Ki, played by Moon Chae Won, who happens to be the stepdaughter of Han Jae Hee.  Kang Maru decides to use Seo Eun Ki to get his revenge upon Han Jae Hee.   

Read selected excerpts from the interview accompanying the photo shoot below: 

On roles he wants to play, Song Joong Ki said: “Even though there are a lot of roles I would like to play, I don’t think they are roles that I can express at this age.  I think when I turn 30, I will be able to realize those kinds of roles. …I think that there are not a lot of roles that young male actors can do.  As one gets older, the amount of roles  begins to flare out.  In that sense, so that I do not have regrets later, I want to do many roles that I can [only] do at this age.  Whether that be noir film lead role…I am eager for roles.  But, I don’t want to unnaturally force myself into roles that don’t match me.”

On his role in the movie “Werewolf Boy,” Song Joong Ki said: “”Werewolf Boy” is a role that I wanted to at exactly this age.  I wanted to do a usual werewolf or vampire role.  The scenario for the role is so good, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.  It’s not that I am ignoring past works that I’ve done to this point, but it seems like this is a role I most wanted to do in my 20s.  My heart beats extremely fast.  I would like if the movie can be released quickly.”   

On where he wants to be in 10 years, Song Joong Ki said: “If at that time, isn’t it the best goal to be married?  I want to be married, no matter what, before I am 37 years old.  I think I’ll probably be married and also acting.”  

The first episode of KBS drama “Nice Guy” premieres on Wednesday, September 12.

You can view the photo shoot featuring Song Joong Ki in the September edition of “1st Look” on Soompi.  

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