Baek Ah Yeon’s Little Sister Applied for “K-Pop Star” Season 2

Baek Ah Yeon, placing third on the hit audition show “K-Pop Star,” has recently made her debut.

She has met up with one reporter and revealed, “My younger sister is currently in her first year in high school and she boasts about me. Her dream is also to be a singer and has applied to audition for the second season of ‘K-Pop Star.’”

She added, “Her dream changes often, but it doesn’t mean she can’t sing well. I hope she will achieve her best.”

Originally from Seongnam, Gyeonggido, but now living away from family, Baek Ah Yeon is planning to become independent. She’s looking for housing in Cheongdamdong because it will be close to the JYP Entertainment headquarters. She explained, “I think I will become independent so that I can focus more on music. I’m currently looking for housing. It’s sad to live away from family, but living on my own is exciting as well.”

Baek Ah Yeon has officially released her debut track “Slow Song” on September 10. She commented, “There are already people who said that I’ve made my debut too early. I will try my best and show my much improved skills compared to my ‘K-Pop Star’ days.”