PSY Talks About “Gangnam Style” in Recent Interview With Ryan Seacrest

PSY recently had an English interview with popular American media personality Ryan Seacrest.

He mentions that he has no idea of how big a hit “Gangnam Style” has become and wonders why he is here (in America). He also shares an interesting story when he began studying at Boston College. In part 2, PSY talks about the song, how he was discovered by an American label and K-Pop.

In closing, PSY said that the concept for “Gangnam Style” was to “dress classy and dance cheesy.”

Part 1

Part 2

Recently, “Gangnam Style” broke into US’s iTune’s Chart Top 20. Three days ago, PSY had also performed the “Gangnam Style” dance on MTV’s Video Music Awards in front of an audience of 600 million.