ZE:A’s Lim Siwan and BoA Snaps Picture Together

A member of boy band ZE:A, Lim Siwan revealed a picture he took with BoA.

On September 10, he posted the said picture on his twitter with the caption, “Sunbae-nim had a harder time. I bragged a lot to my members that we were able to take a picture together. Please have a wonderful lunch.”

The picture was taken inside MBC and both singers flash their beautiful smiles and pose the default victory sign for the camera. It’s cute to note that BoA sunbae is looking very relaxed in the picture while Siwan hoobae looks a little awkward with his “manner hands.”

Netizens who came across the picture gave varying comments, “What a beautiful couple,” “How cute. Siwan looks awkward,” “BoA is getting prettier,” “I’m envious of BoA.”

Author’s note: He didn’t specify if she had a harder time being a solo singer performing in Korea or during her debut trying to make it in Japan pre-Hallyu OR whether it’s about the present time and her dance choreography for her latest song. Soompiers, what do you think he’s trying to say?