Interview With Hwayoung: “I Hope They’ll Do Well”

On September 10, “Dispatch” had a phone interview with Hwayoung.

▶ How are you?
I’m doing well. Thank you for the concern. I’m healthy and you don’t have to worry.

▶T-Ara had a comeback. Did you know?
I tried my best to wait patiently for their comeback performance. It’s because I was a T-Ara member before. Of course I’d be curious. That’s why I watched them with interest. I hope they’ll do well. I’m always cheering for them.

▶It’s been witnessed that you’ve met with Sistar’s Dasom.
She became a good friend as we ran our promotions together.

▶ How does it feel that the rap you personally wrote became a hot topic after you revealed the lyrics?
I still have a lot of weaknesses. I know that I have to work a lot harder.

▶ How is the prep going?
I’m studying music in my spare time. I got the thought that I need to put in more effort. I can’t talk about other activity-related news at the moment.

▶ If you can say something to the fans?
Thank you so much for your interest. I will work hard to show a better self. Thank you.

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