[Ceci] 2012-13 Fall/Winter Beauty Trends Part 4: Beautiful Skin

Hyori’s edgy eyes, Go So Young’s blue nails, Hwang Jung Eum’s red lips, YoonA’s flawless skin…Many beauty trends are usually correlated with a star’s name. We caught up with ten celebrities behind-the-scenes at photoshoots to learn about their beauty trends. 

This first edition, of a four part series, will take a look in lip trends for the upcoming season! 

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Lee Yeon Hee’s glowy skin for SK-II

This season, go for a dewey, growly, flawless skin. To achieve such effect, good skin care is essential. To achieve Lee Yeon Hee’s naturally flawless skin effect, lightly pat your face with a compact foundation after you apply makeup base. Then, use your Pitera essence as a mist for radiating skin. 

SK-II Cellumination Essense-in Foundation (~80,000KRW for 10.5g)
SK-II Pitera Essence (~90,000KRW for 75ml)

Lee Yeon Hee looks pleased with her glowy skin. 

YoonA’s gleaming makeup fo innisfree

This season’s trend for complexion is to have moderate shine and well hydrated skin. For YoonA’s goddess-like complexion, even out your skin tone using a glory base and mineral melting foundation. Finalize your makeup with a mineral glow fixer. 

innisfree Mineral Melting Foundation Glow Version (20,000KRW for 13g)
innisfree Mineral Flow Fixer (14,000KRW for 120ml) 

Seohyun’s perfect face for The Face Shop

To create the effect of a flawless, hydrated complexion with natural shine, apply a fitting starter cream to smooth your skin texture. Then lightly apply your foundation using a brush. If you’re planning on spending some time under the sun, protect your makeup with a fixer. It will lock in your make-up, leaving it smudge, humidity, and sweat resistant. 

The Face Shop Flawless Fitting Foundation (18,000KRW for 40ml)

Seohyun flaunts her beautiful and healthy skin. 


 Seohyun gleams during the photoshoot for The Face Shop. 

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