Kim Ha Neul: “Go So Young Jealous? That’s A Funny Expression”

Actress Kim Ha Neul talks truthfully about her thoughts on Go So Young’s jealousy during the filming for her latest drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity.”

On September 10, Kim Ha Neul made a guest appearance on SBS “Healing Camp.” A question was brought up, “How do you feel that Go So Young watches the love scenes of ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ while wrapping her arms around Jang Dong Gun’s?” Kim Ha Neul replied that “that expression alone is cute. I probably would have done the same thing if I was in her shoes.”

Go So Young revealed that she was jealous of the back hug scene. When the MCs of “Healing Camp” asked Kim Ha Neul her thoughts on the back hugs, she revealed, “I actually felt more with the words Jang Dong Gun has to say than the physical contact. I saw the script and told him, ‘It must be really nice to receive a confession like this.’ My face became read when he acted the line ‘Can’t you just like me?’”

She revealed her thoughts on her teamwork with Jang Dong Gun. “He is like a celebrity to me (author’s note: It’s implied that she looks up to him), so it was hard to act at first because of the awkwardness. And the fact that his character had to like mine first was hard to get used to. Even though I was nervous, it was the first time Jang Dong Gun was trying romantic comedy so I told him, ‘Just trust me.’ We laughed a lot filming the comic scenes.”