Bora Does Splits Like It’s A Piece Of Cake

Bora, from girl group Sistar, took a couple pictures with the dance team, DQ.

On the dawn of September 11 (KST), she uploaded the picture on twitter with her personalized message, “Bora and DQ’s early morning practice. Wow. Having fun. Everyone, Sistar’s concert is this week. Anticipate x 100, Cheer x 100 please! Aja!”

The first picture is the standard “normal” picture where everyone gathers around posing like a well-behaved family. But like with many friends, they found it hard to avoid the “funny/freestyle” picture. Most of the dance team shows a variation of the victory sign pose while Bora effortlessly does the splits. Although she’s not in pain, it just shows how much effort she put into her exercises in the past to become as flexible as she is now. The author’s personal highlight in the second picture is the guy who got captured entering the scene.

Sistar will hold their first solo concert “Femme Fatale” this Saturday, September 15, and it will be located at the Olympic Park Olympic Hall in Seoul, South Korea.

Soompiers, who’s looking forward to Sistar’s concert? Anyone going?