Is “Answer Me 1997” Actor Lee Shi Un the First Love of Actress Ha Ji Won?

Is tvN drama “Answer Me 1997” actor Lee Shi Un the first love of actress Ha Ji Won?

No, it’s just wishful thinking by netizens trying to find a love interest for actor Lee Shi Un’s popular character Bang Sung Jae. On an online community bulletin board, photographs of Lee Shi Un and Ha Ji Won were posted with the title “”Answer Me 1997″ Bang Sung Jae is Ha Ji Won First Love.”

But the photographs are actually screen captures of Lee Shi Un with Ha Ji Won in the MBC drama “The King 2 Hearts.” Lee Shi Un played the first love of Ha Ji Won’s character in drama “The King 2 Hearts.” 

In the tvN drama “Answer Me 1997,” actor Lee Shi Un plays the character of Bang Sung Jae who gets terrible grades, is often obliviously blunt, but is always able to be there for his friends. Most recently, viewers were touched by Bang Sung Jae being the first to help friend Mo Yoo Jung during her difficult situation and contacting everyone to come to support her including sending a text to her high school boyfriend Do Hak Chan (which got the on-again off-again lovebirds back together for good.)

In high school, Bang Sung Jae fell in lust with Eun Gak Ha after seeing her dance at a colatech. However, Eun Gak Ha is impressed by Kang Joon Hee, played by Infinite member Hoya, dancing to Deux’s “Turn Around and Look at Me” and boldly asks him out but is rejected as he is interested in someone else. Bang Sung Jae attempts to swoop in, without realizing she had already asked out Kang Joon Hee, and ends up carrying her purse that night.

Aside from that brief encounter, Bang Sung Jae did not have a love interest in the drama.