[Soompi Shop] Secret’s “Poison,” Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick,” “Queen Inhyun’s Man” DVD, and Many More!

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This week, we’ve added Secret’s new album “Poison,” Orange Caramel’s first album, “Lipstick,” the full DVD set of “Queen Inhyun’s Man,” and many more!

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BTOB – Press Play

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Rookie group BTOB (shortened from ‘Born To Beat’) is back with a second mini-album! Titled “Press Play,” the album is composed of various sounds reminiscent of the 90s. The opening song, “Press Play,” features labelmate G.Na and the title song, WOW, revisits the new jack swing style. “I Don’t Know Anything But Love” is an electropop tune while “My Girl” creates a nice contrast as an acoustic song.


Orange Caramel – Lipstick

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This comeback was announced previously last month and the trio has been hard at work, recording songs for their 1st studio album. Since then, not much news was given regarding their comeback until early morning of September 4th when the official Facebook of After School was updated with the three new teaser images. Shedding their cute and innocent looks that won them much love when they debuted with Magic Girl, Nana, Raina, and Lizzy dazzle and look glamorous in elegant and chic attire. Each member also flaunts a different type of lipstick and it will be interesting to see which direction they will go in for this album.

Baek Ah Yeon – I’m Back

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SBS’s “K-Pop Star” finalist Baek Ah Yeon makes her official debut with her first mini album “I’m Baek.” After rising to fame in the survival music program and finishing third, she signed with JYP Entertainment. Her first album includes five tracks, including “Always,” composed by labelmate 2PM’s Junsu.


Queen Inhyun’s Man – DVD, Director’s Cut

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Kim Boong Do is a scholar who had supported the reinstatement of Queen In Hyun when Jang heebin’s schemes resulted in her being deposed and replaced as King Sukjong’s queen consort. He travels 300 years into the future of modern Seoul and meets Choi Hee Jin, a no-name actress who is expecting a career renaissance through her role as Queen In Hyun in a TV drama.

This edition comes with a 70-page photobook, soundtrack CD with unreleased tracks, script, special features (commentary, press conference, making-of, interviews, highlights, character intros and more).

Juniel – My First June

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FNC Entertainment‘s first solo female singer Juniel has released her first mini album teaser featuring Jung Yong Hwa today.While we previously reported that she would be debuting with a song produced by CN Blue‘s Yong Hwa, he will also be featured in the song and music video. Juniel gained popularity for winning the Japanese singing competition “Niji Iro Supernova” and has already promoted in Japan. She is known to have played the guitar, composed, and wrote lyrics for songs since she was young.