T-ara’s Agency Core Contents Media Files Multiple Lawsuits Against Media Outlets

On September 11, T-ara‘s agency Core Contents Media filed civil and criminal lawsuits against several media outlets for publishing speculative articles regarding “T-ara controversy.” A representative from Core Contents Media stated, “Core Contents Media reported 12 media outlets to Gangnam Police Department on August 10. In addition, we plan on filing lawsuits against total of nine media outlets (including some of the previously reported 12) for defamation and asking for any monetary compensation they have caused.”

The nine media outlets that are being sued include online version of major daily newspapers and sports/entertainment news outlets. This representative added, “Since July, some media outlets have been publishing abnormally biased articles against T-ara. Some people posted unverified rumors on their personal websites or SNS and the mass media contributed greatly to spread such rumors. It’s like a witch hunt. These rumors were produced and reproduced on the internet.” 

He also stated, “The nine media outlets are the ones who continued to report unfavorable articles about T-ara. We are going to ask for their criminal and civil responsibilities and furthermore, report them to Press Arbitration Commission.” Core Contents Media plans on filing multiple suits against one particular media outlet to the court, Press Arbitration Commission, and National Human Rights Commission of Korea. 

Previously, members of T-ara were accused of bullying now former member Hwayoung. When this “bully controversy” broke out, Core Contents Media quickly dismissed Hwayoung from the team and the agency. As a result, both Core Contents Media and T-ara suffered from rumored accusations of physical and emotional violence against Hwayoung. During this time, Core Contents Media announced that they plan on filing lawsuits against those who report false news regarding T-ara.